Maritime Advisor

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  • Date Updated: June 25, 2018
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Job Description:

*Pending Award

Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation (IEA) is in search of a Maritime Advisor in  San Jose, Costa Rica. 


The Maritime Advisor position will support the implementation of the United States Government and the Government of Costa Rica (GoCR) Maritime Counterdrug Bilateral Agreement and the

government and GoCR Border and Security program as defined in Letters of Agreement and Amendments. The Advisor will provide technical law enforcement expertise, technical assistance, and training on behalf of INL in support of host-nation efforts to improve operational and managerial capability of the GoCR Coast Guard (SNGC), and to enable the patrol boat engineers to maintain safe operational status of the assigned watercraft. The Advisor will provide technical advice and support to the INL Director, and the INL Coordinator particularly in areas tied the maintenance and sustainability of the two 110’ cutters recently transferred from the USG to the Costa Rican Coast Guard. The incumbent will provide advice on repairs, ordering spare parts, and supplies, arrange/manage civilian and military engineering mobile training teams’ visits, and recommend and arrange travel for selected Costa Rican officials to the U.S. for engineering training. In addition the advisor will assist in program planning, and work with the SNGC to improve investigative capacity for high profile, high-impact crimes. Advisor will also

liaise with other INL colleagues, as well as with law enforcement personnel from other agencies at the Embassy. The Maritime Security Advisor will work closely with officials from US Navy/Coast Guard, SNGC, as well as with key representatives of maritime institutions from the region.

The Advisor will be based in San Jose Costa Rica while in country but will travel extensively to SNGC and have oversight responsibility for the program nationwide under the direction of the INL Director and Coordinator.


  • Assist in implementing a U.S. government-supported SNGC strategic development plan.
  • Assist with conducting and coordinating training for SNGC personnel. Assist in implementing programs including, but not limited to, preventative maintenance, renovation of existing SNGC bases, and integration of new vessels into SNGC fleet.
  • Review and advise on the purchase and refurbishment of vessels as well as on maintenance and operational training.
  • Assist in the establishment of an integrated logistics and preventative maintenance and inventory program that is essential to the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) and the operational capabilities of the SNGC.
  • Ensure that INL/USCG capacity enhancement initiatives align toward the same program objectives and goals.
  • Provide technical advice to the INL and SNGC Directors on maintaining the safe, operational status of all U.S. government-donated and SNGC-purchased patrol vessels.
  • Provide technical advice/support through INL-Costa Rica to the SNGC to enable the patrol boat engineers to maintain safe operational status of the patrol and small boats.
  • Provide advice on repairs, ordering spare parts, and supplies.
  • Assist in arranging/managing civilian and military engineering mobile training teams’ visits, which provides additional specialized outboard motor maintenance and other engineering training to the SNGC.
  • Recommend and arrange travel for selected Costa Rican officials to the U.S. for engineering training.
  • Assist in project budget preparation and program planning. Assist in defining and making recommendations on commodity procurements and preparation of related project documentation.
  • Assist in the oversight and coordination of the dry dock periods of 17 U.S. donated patrol vessels in Costa Rica and supervise funded contracts for dry dock periods and pier-side overhauls.
  • Assist the SNGC to evaluate, repair, maintain, or decommission the additional operational/non-operational vessels in their inventory.
  • Attend general and law enforcement meetings, national and international conferences and seminars, and meetings with GOCR officials, reporting on discussions, activities, and/or decisions.
  • Provide advice and assistance in end-use monitoring (EUM) of U.S. government-supplied commodities and services, preparing input for the annual EUM report to the U.S.
  • Congress. Review and advise on the purchases and refurbishment of systems/equipment transferred to the relevant GOCR entities.
  • Provide advice and assistance in the formulation of INL input to the Integrated Country Strategy (ICS).
  • Assist in the preparation of background materials and reports to be used by the INL Director and other USG actors in preparing speeches and briefings to articulate INL engagement on maritime security efforts in Costa Rica.
  • Brief visiting officials and Embassy staff on the role of INL and the status of U.S.-Costa Rica maritime security projects and related initiatives.
  • In coordination with INL/CR, assist in developing and maintaining an SNGC training plan that will promote effective policing practices.
  • Work with other INL advisors to execute projects in accordance with the objectives and terms established in the Letter of Agreement or similar documents.
  • Advise and assist in the preparation of procurement documentation for technical services, training, and commodities as well as monitoring procurement actions, including drafting source-origin waivers, bid solicitations, scopes of work, and delivery and acceptance of procured items for INL Director’s approval.
  • Work with INL personnel to prepare monthly and annual progress reports regarding the Maritime Program. Prepare and maintain an annual implementation plan.

Experience and Skills:


      • U.S. Citizenship.

      • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited institution or fifteen (15) years of demonstrated relevant experience.

      • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.

      • A minimum of seven (7) years’ demonstrated experience in shipboard/small boat maintenance material management.

      • Demonstrated superior interpersonal skills when working with senior level management.

      • A minimum of two (2) years’ demonstrated experience in managing programs or projects, including budget preparation, goods and services procurement, and project implementation and oversight, preferably involving maritime activities.

      • Demonstrated superior English communications skills both oral and written.

      • Demonstrated ability to work with limited supervision.

      • Demonstrated professional proficiency in the Spanish language, spoken and written.

      • Demonstrated knowledge of maritime interdiction operations or similar program development and implementation in an international environment.

      • Demonstrated ability to perform complex analysis is essential in coordinating with inter- agency section heads, including ministerial levels of the Costa Rican government.



      • Demonstrated experience working or coordinating with other relevant US government agencies (e.g., Department of Defense, DEA, CBP, USAID) and/or international organizations.

Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation (IEA) is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.