Interdiction Police Advisor

  • Job Tracking ID: 512454-586881
  • Job Location: Bogota, COL
  • Job Level: Any
  • Level of Education: Any
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: August 11, 2017
  • Years of Experience: Any
  • Starting Date: ASAP
  • Apply type: application

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Job Description:

Pending Award **

Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation (IEA) is in search of an Interdiction Police Advisor to support the Department of State in Bogota, Columbia.

The Interdiction Police Advisor will provide strategic planning, general administrative, and policy advice concerning overall program priorities and objectives, as well as work with INL/WHP to develop and manage programs and related issues. The Interdiction Police Advisor will liaise with other agencies/governments active in the fields of strategic planning, intelligence, policing, law enforcement, security assistance and cooperation, and with host government contacts. The TPC provides support for developing a range of citizen security, law enforcement, rule of law, and counternarcotics programs in Colombia, which is of significant interest to the public and to Congress.

The INL Interdiction Police Advisor advises and assists the Organized Crime and Counternarcotics Program Manager with the following:

  • Assist with the Counternarcotics policy development and coordination with the interagency and international community; and counternarcotics program development and management.
  • Assist in the implementation of INL’s civilian law enforcement engagement with Colombia’s Antinarcotics, Judicial, and Intelligence police, and assists the Organized Crime Program Manager in maintaining INL’s relationships with senior Colombian police officials. This includes, but is not limited to, coordination with Colombian authorities, management of police training, curriculum development, project management, logistical and security planning, vendor/contractor coordination, and commodity provision to host nation law enforcement entities.
  • Liaising with other U.S. Government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Colombian agencies, and relevant international organizations for the purpose of gathering and disseminating information pertinent to interdiction/police development and USG priorities and activities.
  • Mastering the full range of project management skills including planning, budgeting, procurement, contracting, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation pertaining to training, equipment, and related construction assistance, and performs ad hoc basis, particularly those requiring strong drafting or analytical skills.
  • Design and report on programs, performance monitoring plans, and evaluation plans to enhance interdiction capabilities and improve the professionalism and performance of law enforcement institutions, to include progress, challenges, and recommended solutions.
  • Assist with managing law enforcement projects under the guidance and direction of the Organized Crime Program Manager, INL Director, and INL Deputy Director, and keeps them informed of the details of such implementation, including progress, challenges, and recommended solutions.
  • Ensure INL programming complies with U.S. government legal and policy requirements and restrictions, including Leahy vetting and contracting, and that programming is coordinated with related INL police, counternarcotics, criminal justice, rule of law, and corrections assistance programs.
  • Provide policy analysis and program guidance/reporting to the Organized Crime Program Manager, INL Bogota staff, INL/WHP, and the INL Front Office upon request on law enforcement aspects of current program efforts as well as those in planning or evaluation stages. Such guidance may include, but is not limited to, mission objectives; the size and structure of interdiction resources; coordination with other Embassy sections; budgeting; development of Colombian police capacities and institutions; practical measures to improve U.S. and international capacities to provide police assistance; and training plans.
  • Contributes to the development and strategy of the INL Colombia program, and assists in coordinating efforts across all elements of INL Bogota. These efforts include project execution from study period and program design, through acquisition and implementation, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring, and coordination among vendors, contractors, and Colombian government officials.
  • Draft policy and advocacy papers, attends meetings and conferences. Facilitates the exchange of information and practices to ensure robust communication on interdiction issues within INL, as well as with other professionals working in the area of law enforcement and counternarcotic assistance in Colombia.
  • Prepare background materials and reports to be used by the INL Director and other U.S. officials in speeches, briefings, and testimonies to articulate INL Bogota’s engagement on interdiction issues.
  • Provide the INL section and the Embassy front office with analyses of trends and developments in the areas of interdiction and law enforcement.
  • Serving as a police subject matter expert within INL Bogota, and as an advisor on such matters to the Director and Deputy Director of INL in the absence of the Organized Crime Program Manager.
  • Participate in and/or leads assessments - as requested by the Organized Crime Program Manager, INL Deputy Director, or Director - of current program efforts with regard to law enforcement capacities and structures in Colombia, as well as assessments of the impact of ongoing programs; brief those assessments to senior INL and other Department and interagency officials; and, on the basis of those assessments, propose and implement future activities and/or remedial actions.
  • Participate in senior-level meetings, briefings, seminars, and exercises with USG, host nation, and international representatives to develop plans/programs for implementation of police assistance and improve INL capacities to respond quickly and effectively when new mission initiatives emerge. Also participates in INL staff meetings at the office and team level.
  • Perform other duties as requested and assigned by the Organized Crime Program Manager, INL Bogota Director and Deputy Director, including supporting VIP visits, drafting reporting cables, and preparing other documents and reports.
  • Brief Department, Congressional, and other international dignitaries orally and in writing on the INL-funded programs in Colombia. Prepares documents for presentation to the U.S. Congress. Develops appropriate itinerary and accommodates official travelers, as necessary.
  • Ensure effective coordination of INL assistance to the government of Colombia.
  • Provide analysis and guidance in project budget preparation, and program planning.
  • Conduct senior-level field surveys, evaluations, and special studies, as directed.
  • Maintain security awareness and properly handles classified and controlled items and information

Experience and Skills:

Minimum Qualifications

  • U.S. citizenship
    • Fifteen (15) years related experience in the fields of policing, law enforcement, security, and counternarcotics.
    • Demonstrated five (5) years’ experience in one or more of the following topics as it relates to U.S. civilian law enforcement: management, organizational development, planning, and/or training.
    • Demonstrated experience (preferably in Colombia context) in:
      • Developing and managing long-term security and law enforcement programs, including assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
      • Drafting related reports/documents, annual budgets, and strategic plan submissions;
      • Planning, strategizing, implementing and reporting on projects;
      • Drafting analytical briefing papers, memoranda, letters, and reports for review and/or signature by senior-level officials; and
      • Coordinating and working closely with the Department of State, the Department of Defense, United Nations and/or international community on security sector development programs.
      • Knowledge of military and/or police training activities.
        • Knowledge of command communications, government intelligence procedures, aircraft capabilities and maintenance, and logistics management procedures.
        • Knowledge of police and/or military tactics in counternarcotics operations.
          • Proven ability to work effectively with host-nation counterparts, departments, and ministries to further program objectives, in a timely and concise manner.
          • Superior coordination, interpersonal, and analytical skills.
          • Excellent oral and written English (4/4) and Spanish (3/3) communication skills.
          • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
            • Demonstrated experience in planning, strategizing, implementing, and reporting on programs and projects.
            • Demonstrated three (3) years or more of supervisory experience.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution
  • Previous substantive security or law enforcement experience overseas.
  • Previous experience working in Colombia or other Latin American countries on law enforcement, counternarcotics, or foreign assistance programs.
  • Knowledge of weapons and armament systems is desirable.
  • Experience cultivating networks of government officials and NGOs in context of program implementation.
  • Experience working directly for the Department of State.
  • Active Secret Clearance.

Ian, Evan & Alexander Corporation (IEA) is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.